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Y6 Residential 2021

Y6 Residential 2021

Residential Blog

Day One

Today we played splat in the hall before taking the coach to The Wild Place Project. We saw many interesting animals including giraffes, wolves and bears. The lynx were hiding but we were really lucky to see two of them on our second route round. Mrs Scutt kindly brought us an ice cream before we left for camp. 


At the camp, we were given our tents and then we had pasta bake for dinner with a delicious doughnut for pudding. After dinner, a group did the washing up with Mrs Hancock whilst the others played ball games. The last activity of the day was a massive evening walk where we learnt lots about the local area and saw some lovely views. On return to camp, we had showers and went to bed - overall a great first day!!


Written by Ellie, Jacob, Harmony, William P, Mimi and Adam



Day Two

After a 4.30am start, lots of bleary eyed children and adults looked forward to a new day of activities. We all enjoyed a cooked breakfast but it wasn't the waffles and chocolate sauce that Dom had hoped for! 


We packed our bags for another day of adventures. The long walk to the activity centre was refreshing and certainly woke us all up. After splitting into two groups, we enjoyed archery, tobogganing, skiing and disc golf. Mr Hood was like a pro, but Finlay had youth on his side- beating him by ONE point. 


Sausage and mash for tea was lovely and celebrations for England's win was enjoyed by all - the cheers could be heard across the campsite! 


We are all hoping for a quiet night with a potential lie-in until 6am! 


Written by Harry, Finlay, James, Will M, Jamie and Dom


Day Three


This morning we were awoken by the teachers for a change, they let us have a lie-in until 7.30am! 


After another delicious breakfast, we got ready for a fun-filled day. Today, we were going caving, climbing and abseiling. We packed into the mini-buses and headed off to a local cliff and split into groups to set up for the activities. Everyone had a really good time even though some of it was a little scary! The caves were cold but all the moving around and squeezing through small spaces, kept us warm! We even had a sing-along!


The sun was shining throughout the day and this made the climbing and abseiling even more pleasurable. Everyone challenged themselves and achieved their goals - some even got to the top! 


After coming back to the camp and having dinner (spicy chicken fajitas!), we headed out onto the fields out the back of the camp and played some games with our instructors (Ben and Tristan).


Tomorrow we are looking forward to kayaking and an assault course - we expect to get very wet and muddy!


Written by Sophie, Pippa, Kira, Isla, Ethan, Simi and Alfie


Day Four


After a restful night, we woke up at 7am ready for another exciting day.

We enjoyed our breakfast once again and packed our bags ready for the day. As the mini buses arrived, we split into two groups and headed to our activities. We all enjoyed a sing-song on the bus.


Our group started with the assault course! We helped each other over the various challenging obstacles, including the mud pit and the rope bridge. Everyone got very wet and muddy. After we had our lunch, we set off for kayaking - our next activity of the day, We learnt how to move backwards, forwards and do a 360 degree turn and set off down the river. We played water polo and saw who had the best 'silly salmon' jump.


When we arrived back to camp, we enjoyed our dinner of lasagne and edges and then everyone was desperate for a shower. This evening, we are looking forward to a quiz and a campfire before heading off to bed. 


We can't wait to see you all tomorrow and neither can our teachers!


Written by Edie, Charlotte, Joe, Joshua, Fraser and Isabella