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Whole School Overview

                                                                      Long Term Planning - Religious Education                          Year 1-6

                                                                          Encouraging Depth and Progression

The best way for pupils to make progress in RE is to revisit key concepts at various points throughout the teaching programme.

The DFE encourages teachers to:

recognise that progress in RE is not likely to be linear, so ensure that the curriculum offers opportunities to re-visit and deepen understanding of core concepts; assessment should show a deepening of understanding” (Exemplification of Teacher standards 2013)

This Long-Term Planning shows how the Diocesan Scheme allows for progression. It shows the links between the units and suggests that pupils will learn most from a particular unit, if they have covered at least some of the material in the previous units as listed. If pupils have not covered the earlier material, for whatever reason, some of the key concepts may need to be addressed at the beginning of a unit and materials adapted, as necessary.


Good teaching will frequently refer back to material and lessons covered in the past and other links can be forged, both to other RE units and other curriculum subjects.