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Art: sketching skills

We are learning to:

  • sketch with a variety of tools
  • sketch what we see, using lines and shapes
  • draw lines of different thicknesses


It's Spring and there are lots of beautiful flowers blooming outside. Artists often choose to draw  or paint flowers because there are so beautiful. 


1. Have a go at the Art Quiz below, to find out about famous paintings of flowers and plants.


2. Have a go at drawing along with the artist on the youtube clips below. You can do as many as you like. Try to remember what you have learned when you move on to step 2.


3. Head out into your garden, or look for photos of flowers on the internet and have a go at sketching them yourself. Look carefully at their shapes and colours. Will you use thick or thin lines? 


4. Don't forget to email your sketches to us or post them on the Purple Mash blog!


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