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Hi everyone, 


In this area you can find a series of videos to help you further develop your sketching skills. Remember that we have learnt how to create outlines, edges and do shading. Please use the video below to revisit those skills. 


Thank you, 

Mrs P

Start Drawing: PART 1 - Outlines, Edges, Shading

In this art tutorial video I'll show beginners to drawing how to draw by learning basic techniques in a step by step approach. In Part 1 I explain how to hol...

Please use the next video to help you draw objects using shapes. Please draw an object that you have in your house and email me your work. 


Thank you, 

Mrs P

Start Drawing: PART 2 - Draw a Watering Can using Shape

In this art tutorial I look at the basic technique of how we look at an object as a series of shapes and then I explain how to draw the shapes step by step. ...

Start Drawing: PART 3 - Draw a Child's Bear using shape

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Start Drawing: PART 4 - Understanding Eye Level

Understanding how eye level works is essential if you are going to learn to draw accurately. Using this information about how eye level works and how the rel...