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This year we have 3 Art ambassadors who help promote a love of art across the school.   


The Role of the Art Ambassador

  • To share a love of Art with their class
  • To link with Mrs Ealden, the subject leader
  • To help organise whole school art themed events
  • To introduce ideas for trips and experiences that will enrich our art curriculum
  • To give the pupils in their class a voice and help them to share their ideas
  • To support other members of the school


New ambassdors are chosen each September.  The applicants need to demonstrate why they think they are suitable for the role – they  write a letter or make a video explaining why they love art and would make a great ambassador!


Our 2023-24 Art Ambassadors are: 

  • Rudy
  • Diva
  • Eden
  • Bea


Minutes of Art Ambassadors' meeting - 14th June


We would like to create a whole school art project for display in the new school and will research and come together to share our ideas in our next meeting.


We will help to promote and organise the whole school Take One Picture in September. We have decided we would prefer the dioramas to be displayed in each classroom, with classes given the opportunity to see them. We would like to run an Open Afternoon where parents may come in and view their child's class's work and ask the artist questions. Ambassadors will be photographers for the day to take pictures of the project to display on the website. We think it should be a mixed media project and will promote a whole school donation drive for resources (eg. Plastic bags, cardboard packaging) in greens, browns, oranges, yellows.  


Lola Rose will try to send us some feedback once she starts at secondary school of what art lessons are like there, to inform year 5 what they can look forward to.