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Christian hope is rooted in God’s love for us. Christians believe that: God has our best interests at heart; God will never leave us; God will provide for us when we are in need; God knows us (even the number of hairs on our head!); and God promises us of a better life to come. When we are in our darkest time, God is there, and will help us. Hope is grounded in the character of God; the Bible is full of stories of how God changes situations.


The children have thought very carefully about how they can help hope grow not only within our community but throughout the world and co-created this display.

Y3 Hands – What does hope mean to you?

Y2 Leaves – What are your hopes for the world?

Y1 Doves – What are you hoping for?

Y5 Hands – How did Jesus give hope to others?

Y4 Coins – How can we give hope to others?

Y6 Clouds – When do we need hope?