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Welcome back Rowan class! 

We hope you had a good time over the Easter break. Did you have an Easter egg hunt? We have really missed you!

Today you have some exciting and interesting tasks ahead. We have tried to include a mixture of types of activity so that you can choose to work online on sites like Purple Mash, to print off worksheets or to copy work into your book. 


Start off by watching the exciting video in this welcome message of lots of different volcanoes! Wow - they are so powerful! Then please do some guided reading which will help you to understand why they are SO hot! If you haven't yet looked at the Wonderings page, please do so. If you have sent in some questions, look out for your initials next to the ones in the powerpoint! You are famous! We also have some spelling and grammar activities for you to complete this morning and a Maths lesson.


If you usually work at the 2* level, please continue to do so, You are most welcome to have a go at any 3* activities. The 1* work is only for those children who usually work at 1* level (1* activities are usually also completed with adult support at school so you may need to ask an adult to help).


This afternoon, please do some handwriting practice. Then you may choose which of the fun topic activities (from the folder at the end of the row of sunflowers) you would like to do. We have suggested a timetable, but you are welcome to do the afternoon work on different days this week.


I will be on the internet all day, preparing work for tomorrow and will check the Purple Mash blogs regularly throughout the day, so if you have any questions, please do post them on the blog. Or just send me a message to say hi!


Enjoy your work!

Mrs Ealden laugh

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