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Here are some practical ideas to support this weeks learning


Cut pieces of paper into different shapes or food that can be sliced, then work with your child to find half by cutting or drawing on the shapes or by slicing the food. Make sure both sides are equal and if they aren't, talk about why it is not half. Repeat for finding a quarter.

Ask your child to watch these videos and complete the activities about what a fraction is and how a fraction should be written.

Get a chocolate bar and work with your child on how it could be split into half, quarters and thirds. You could investigate whether the size of the chocolate bar affects how much they get. Does ½ always look the same?

Select an even number of some of your children’s toys (e.g. toy cars, marbles). Work with your child on splitting the total amount in half by sharing out into 2 piles. Repeat this to find a quarter but share the amount into four piles.