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Staff's Spirituality

Staff and their Spiritual Journey - Spirituality at work 


Workplace spirituality involves the effort to find one’s ultimate purpose in life, to develop a strong connection to co-workers and other people associated with work, and to have consistency (or alignment) between one’s core beliefs and the values of their organisation. (Mitroff & Denton, 1999)


Cavanagh (1999) defined the concept as “the desire to find ultimate purpose in life, and to live accordingly.”


Ashmos and Duchon (2000) defined spirituality at work as “recognition of an inner life that nourishes and is nourished by meaningful work that takes place in the context of community.”


Quotes from the Shrivenham Staff Voice on Spirituality: 


"Finding compassion, empathy with others, asking/thinking deep questions...."


"Bring connected to the world and community around you, seeking out, drawing and giving positivity."


"Understanding your own special place in the wider scheme and exploring your own way of being."

'Staff feel proud to work at Shrivenham. They are supported effectively by leaders.

Everyone shares a strong sense of pride in watching pupils achieve'.  

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