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Curriculum Overview

Year 1 

How can stories of the past be shared?

Festivals and celebrations

How has life changed?

The Victorians

Are we all the same?
Year 2

How did the Great Fire change London?

Great Fire of London

Are all our journeys the same?

Comparing the journeys of significant people e.g. Wright brothers and Amy Johnson

How does the weather affect us? 
Year 3 

Where do we come from?

Stone age to the Iron age

Can we find treasure in the past? 

Ancient Egyptians

Earth - A restless planet?
Year  4

How Greek are we?

Ancient Greeks

What can we learn from looking back?

The Romans

Are rainforests the lungs of the earth? 
Year 5 

Were the Dark Ages really that dark? 

Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Just how mighty were the Mayans?

The Mayans

Rivers – friend or foe? 
Year 6

How powerful was the Tudor dynasty?

The Tudors and Queen Elizabeth

Can we find hope in disaster? 

World War 2 

What would you see on a road trip across America?