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Church Vision for Education

Church schools are a place where faith is lived. Church schools offer a place where pupils and their families can learn about the love of God, develop their Christian values and develop spiritually and morally.


Church schools are places where the beliefs and practices of other faiths are valued and respected. Pupils are not expected to make a Christian commitment but are given the tools to make informed choices.


The church’s approach to education is founded on a notion of inclusiveness and diversity of practice which meets the needs of the local community. The Christian ethos promotes tolerance and understanding between people.


The church takes its approach from the knowledge of the love of God and the commandment love your neighbour. The church school offers a spiritual and moral basis for the development of social and personal values and a distinctive language for understanding life and enabling pupils to meet their future challenges with confidence.


Church schools are committed to a culture of learning; where mistakes are forgiven and creativity and reflection are part of everyday life; where building children’s self esteem is a high priority and where teachers inspire pupils; where the contributions of all individuals are valued; where pupils feel safe and adults will listen and where high standards are enjoyed but without a culture of criticism.


At Shrivenham C of E Primary School the Christian values of Love, Hope and Courage feature strongly in our shared values which underpin the happiness, education and achievement of all our pupils.