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At Shrivenham Primary School we believe and value each of our children as unique and individual, we believe that they all flourish in their own time with the right support and nurture. Children who are identified to have additional needs are supported in order to allow them to reach their full potential.




'Leaders identify pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities and make sure that adaptations help them to learn the same curriculum as their classmates.'


Ofsted 2022

School SEN Leads

Natalie Staples (Deputy Head/SENCo) holds the NASENCo (National Award for Special Educational Needs) qualification. She work with pupils, parents, staff and external agencies to support pupils who need extra help to achieve their full potential at school. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Staples if you have any questions or would like further SEN advice. ​


Telephone: 01793 782406​


We also have a Pastoral Lead: Jacqui Bailey who works with children 1:1 or in small groups. She liaises with all class teachers and teaching assistants regarding the well-being of the children on a day-to-day basis. ​




Special Educational Needs Information Report


Below is a link to our SEN information report, which explains how we support children with Special Educational Needs, including:

  • How we idenitfy and assess children with SEND
  • How we evaluate the effectiveness of our provision
  • How we monitor, assess and review the progress of children with SEND
  • Our approach to teaching children with SEND and how we adapt the curriculum and learning environment for them
  • How we enable children with SEND to engage in activities with their peers
  • Additional support for learning that is available, and support for social, emotional and mental health
  • Information about the expertise and training of school staff and resources available
  • How we involve parents and children in planning for their needs
  • How we involve other organisations such as Local Authority support services and voluntary organisations in meeting the needs of children with SEND