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Welcome to Willow Class!


Welcome to Willow!  We are the Reception (Foundation) class where we learn through play.  The children are always busy exploring, discovering and learning through a carefully planned and delivered curriculum led by experienced staff.  There is a large garden with play equipment for us to use throughout the day, as well as a covered canopy area so we can still be busy outside even when it is raining!  The children take part in daily phonics, reading and maths sessions every morning, and love to develop their new found knowledge through child led activities and adult led creative tasks during the afternoons.

Willow Class has 30 pupils and is taught by Mr. J Hood (Monday - Wednesday) and by Mrs. F Ealden (Wednesday - Friday). Miss Chambers is the teaching assistant.

School trip to Crocodiles of the World

Independent collages of Giant Pandas, as part of our China topic

Willow Class Assembly

Estimating and counting up to 20 items

Signing the girders at the new school building site

Eco Fashion Show Day. We worked as teams to upcycle old school uniform into amazing new outfits and then modelled these on the cat walk as part of the whole school fashion show.. We created a queen's ballgown, a princess dress, a transformer, Flash and a fairy.

Teamwork, paired phonics and outdoor learning - a typical day in Willow class!

Learning about doubles and ladybird facts

Another busy week in Willow

How does your garden grow ?

God Save the King! To celebrate the Coronation of King Charles, we made crowns to wear and an afternoon tea to take home

Recycle time! We painted tin cans with acrylic paint to repurpose them as flower pots

Crafty with clay! We have been improving our fine motor skills by rolling the clay and shaping it

Beautiful blossom: Mixing our own blue skies and pink blossom paints

Spring has sprung! Independent artists at work

Marvellous Maths: exploring combinations of numbers which total 8 and practising numeral formation

Our mums are AMAZING! Happy Mother's Day 2023 from Willow class x

Whole school Science Day 2023

Fun with phonics with a friend's snowing outside!

Celebrating St David's day in church and singing to the congregation

Learning to print a negative image with ink

Fun with numbers! Making number 6 in different ways and playing hidden numbers

A visit from the paramedics

Number fun! Parents joined us for maths games this week. In our lessons we explored making 6 in different ways.

Visit from the Fire Service

Wonderful writing

Frozen fun

People who help us

Christmas craft

Children in Need day

Polly put the kettle on!

Lest we forget

Practising letter formation in Oobleck (1.5 cups of cornflour to 1 cup of water if you want to make it at home!)

Colour mixing fun!

“Remember, remember the 5th of November!”

Crafting with clay

"Autumn leaves are falling down, spinning, swirling all around, floating by without a sound, so catch them if you can!"

Run, run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!

Time for a tune!

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?

We are bakers! Who would like to try our delicious star cookies?

We can read! We have now started our group reading sessions. Do practise the e-book and your phonics activities over the weekend at home.