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Good morning Silver Birch Class,

How is everyone? Have you had a good half term holiday? I hope you have been able to go outside and enjoy the amazing weather that we have been having. I have had a good time, exploring different places around here to go walking and even doing some geocaching! For those of you who don't know what geocaching is, its a bit like a treasure hunt. We have had a lot of fun finding lots of them, unfortunately Meg is not terribly good at finding things though, far more interested in investigating all the interesting smells and running off.

Thank you to all those people who sent in their letters at the end of last term. There were some excellent letters and I really enjoyed reading them all. You will get them back over the next few days, as I mark them.  If you haven't sent yours in, please get it to me as soon as possible.

This term sees the work change slightly from what you were receiving last term. Each day there will be a guided reading task, a spelling or grammar task and a maths task.  The maths is linked to something called the Oak Academy and the Year 4 teacher is called Mr Critchlow and yes, he is a real teacher.  Each day he gives you a lesson to watch and tasks to do. I have watched them all and if I feel that some of the tasks may be a bit difficult, then I have given you a separate sheet for you to complete INSTEAD of the one he gives. You do not do both his sheets and mine. Let me know on the blog what you think.  Please trust me that as he gets used to being filmed, he gets better! I am also giving you tasks on MyMaths, TTRockstars and and of course PurpleMash. I am not giving you any writing tasks, these are all included in the afternoon activities.

As always, any questions, just ask.

Have a good day,

Mrs C