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What are the roles and reponsibilities of a computing ambassador? 

  • To learn new skills on the computing equipment to be able to coach the other children 
  • To help design computing games/activities to support the other children 
  • To put the equipment back correctly and safely, check they are working and ensure they are ready for the school to use 
  • To promote the subject computing 
  • To confidently know the main functions of the computing equipment to help others 


In the next academic year, the computing ambassadors will:

  • Create colourful posters to remind others to recharge the equipment after they have used it 
  • Make a how to guide to help children use the computing equipment independently 
  • Organise and run an internet safety day 


Our 2023-24 Computing Ambassdaors are:

  • Toby
  • George
  • Wilf