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Select containers, this could be different sized glasses, jugs, bowls etc. Ask your child to predict which will hold the most/least water. Pour cups of water to see which holds the most/least. For objects that are similar in size, predict how much water it will hold and then use a measuring jug to read the capacity.

Direct your child to create their own vehicle by drawing different 2D shapes to make it. They can be as creative as they want to be.

Ask your child to find a book. Can they find 3 items which are heavier than the book and 3 items which are lighter than the book?

Sit with your child and look outside a window for 5 minutes. Tally the different types of transport that passes by. Can your child record this information in a bar chart or pictogram with your help?

Work with your child to measure the temperature of each room in your home using a thermometer (you can download a free one on most phones). Which room is the hottest/coldest? Discuss why this might be? Repeat the activity at a different time of the day, has the temperature changed? Why?