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Starting off

Starting off


French is not only spoken in France but also in parts of Belgium, Luxembourg  and Switzerland, parts of North and West Africa, of the West Indies, of Canada, South America and the Pacific. Do you know any French speakers? Do you know any French names?

Popular names for children in France currently are Emma, Louise, Lucas, Jules, Alice, Jade, Manon, Lina and Gabriel. We use some of those French names in the English language. 


Let's look at some greetings and the Core Language for this Unit. 


Bonjour!               Hello!

Salut!                   Hi/Bye!


Ça va                   How are? 


Ça va bien/mal.   I'm fine/not very well. 

Et toi?                  And you?


Au revoir!            Goodbye!

Monsieur/Madame  Mr/Mrs, Sir/Miss (to teacher)

oui, non                 yes, no


Je m'appele.....     My name is......


Comment tu t'appelles?   What's your name?


voici....                   here is


1-10: un, deux,        1-10, one, two, 

trois, quatre,            three, four

cinq, six, sept,        five, six, seven,

huit, neuf, dix         eight, nine, ten


J'ai...                      I have......


Quel âge as-tu?     How old are you?


J'ai sept/huit ans.   I'm seven/eight years old. 


mon Père               my father 


mon mère              my mother


mon frère             my brother


ma soeur             my sister