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the Humpty Egg-speriment

We became scientists and  had fun experimenting to find out what might help protect Humpty as he fell. We put different fillings in each bag with a Humpty and dropped the bag on the floor!


Happy Humpty was wrapped in lots of tissue.


Grumpy Humpty lay in a bag of flour. 


Cheeky Humpty was surrounded by cotton wool.


Shocked Humpty had no protection whatsoever!


We predicted which filling we thought would keep the Humpty safest as he fell. 


It was very funny! Unfortunately some of our Humpties had very sore bodies, especially the one who had no protection.


We finished by seeing what would happen if we dropped Humpty from the highest point we possibly could, by standing Mrs. Forrester on the table. Humpty smashed into lots of pieces. Poor Humpty!