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Our English lessons. are fun!

Visiting a Roman Vila....

Art in Silver Birch Class


The children investigated warm and cold colours using a colour wheel and practised mixing tints, hues and shades. They created their own split page self -portrait using each side of the page to convey a different emotion associated with the cold/warm colours.


Science in Silver Birch 


The children learnt how to construct a simple circuit, identify its basic parts, including cell, wire, bulb, switch and buzzer. They observed that a switch opens and closes a circuit and associated this whether or not a lamp lights in a simple series circuit. 


Poetry in Silver Birch 

The children spent a morning with our wonderful poet, Clive, and wrote very sensitive poems about the war. 

Adventure in the Woods


The Year 4 class had an interesting trip out in the Woods on Wednesday. The children had the opportunity to be out in the fresh air, develop their orienteering and team building skills and also recognise the importance of taking responsibility and looking after the different habitats.

 The children worked together with a partner or as a team and built dens, created Art with natural materials, played games and learnt how to read a map and use a compass. A big thank you to the parents for driving the children to Badbury Clump and providing all the right clothing to make this trip safe and successful.

Many thanks,

Mrs Pavlidou-Sullivan