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Have you ever been to a theme park ? Or would you like to go to one, one day ? This week we are going to be IMAGINEERS - at Disneyland, that's the name they give the designers who create the fantastic rides. The word 'imagineer' is a made up word - made of a combination of 'imagination' and 'engineer'. You have to be good at both of those if you want to design a theme park ride!

The activities for all the school year groups are on the same page this week, so that you can choose which instructions and videos you would like to follow. There is a series of videos by Maddie Moate (who taught us all about bees), in which she and her friend Greg will show you how to create a range of exciting rides. These are suitable for all age groups. There is also a set of lessons from Disney's Imagineers, suitable for Key Stage 2.