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Our English curriculum intent is to develop a children’s love of reading and writing by ensuring the two link seamlessly through immersing the children in high quality texts throughout their primary education. We believe that children should value reading as a lifelong skill and will strengthen their love of reading through widespread reading for pleasure.


'Staff make sure pupils read widely and often.'


'These is a lively and enthusiastic discussion about books throughout the school.'


Ofsted 2022


All children in our school will be provided with a ‘toolkit’ to become lifelong learners and linguists through our teaching of the English curriculum. Wherever possible, children will be given the opportunity to reflect on their writing particularly through the use of purpose led writing. Children will be able to take into account their reader when writing and the impact this should have on their intended audience. A refining process is embedded into English through both editing and improving, this provides children with the means to understand how vital this process of writing is whilst also building on their resilience. Not only will children develop as writers through specific English lessons but will be provided with opportunities to write creatively curriculum wide.