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Term 6 Message from Mrs P

 Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a lovely half term break. 


This is our last term in Year 1 and for me the most exciting as I can see my little seeds, who came to me in September leaving Reception class, having grown into very strong plants. I am very proud of the progress all the kids have made this year and your hard work! 


We have had such an interesting journey and we feel very proud of how much we have all achieved and learnt. We are more confident with our reading and writing and in maths we developed skills and strategies which we will use in our everyday life. We have become reflective learners, caring for one another and the environment, as at the same time we developed further our understanding of the school values and their importance in our rich life. We have had interesting debates about faith and Jesus and we learnt to be inclusive and respectful of other cultures. We stopped to listen and got emotional and thoughtful with Nat King Cole's Autumn Leaves song and Giuseppe Verdi's Nabucco and the Hebrew Slaves chorus, creating art and pictures inspired by music.  


In Term 5 we wondered if we were all the same or different? We started learning about the life in a village in Kenya and how the people’s life, especially the children’s is different to our life in the UK. In Term 6 we continue learning about the different African house types, African music, diet, lifestyle, and animals that live in Africa in comparison to our country.


As the weather is getting better we will do more work in our Year 1 garden and we will grow our sunflowers and our vegetables. We will measure our sunflowers, learn more about plants and how to be very good gardeners while we continue developing our writing skills by keeping a daily diary of our life. And that is not all.....


Thank you everyone for the interesting and lovely journey!



Mrs P