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Maths Calculation Guidance

We hope you find the following video clips useful for supporting your children with learning the various calculation methods in school. Each one is between 1 and 10 minutes long and mirrors the teaching progression we follow at Shrivenham.



Addition on a number line (single digit):             

Addition on a number line (year 2/3):               

Column addition with carrying (Year 3/4):            

Column addition without headings (Year4/5):         

Column addition with decimals (Year 5/6):            



Subtraction on a number line (Year 1)                   

Subtraction on a number line (bigger numbers Year 2/3)         

Subtraction the steps from a number line to vertical subtraction (Year 3/4/5)

Subtraction including decimals (Year 5/6)             



Multiplication using grouping (YearR/1)                    

Arrays (Year1/2)                                                                      

Repeated Addition (Year2/3)                                             

Grid Method (Year4/5/6)                                                

Compact Method (Year6 under the new curriculum)                                             



Division by grouping (Year 1/2)                                       

Division on a number line including remainders (Year 2/3/4)

Division using chunking  (Year 4/5/6)                                    

Division using chunking with remainders (Year 5/6)